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Review for Pumpkin JY-C0662T Android 4.4 Car Stereo for Toyota

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    Key Features

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat OS
  • Steeling Wheel Control function
  • 2 inch LCD HD Capacitive touch screen
  • Support OBD2
  • Support both 3G and Wifi
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Support 7 Color Button Indicator
  • Support 1080p Video
  • Support DVR, Reversing camera

I’ll give a review of Pumpkin JY-C0662T. The unit has a 6.2″ capacitive touch screen and is flanked by buttons on the two side. The buttons are pretty well laid out and are easily accessible.

Radio: This tuner sounds just as good if not better than my stock Toyota radio. There are your basic auto-scan (Scan) and preset buttons for the radio stations. There is a band button (on-screen) that chooses between AM, FM and RDS.

CD/DVD: There’s a slide in slot atop the radio for CD/DVD discs. Works as expected when you insert a CD it launches the CD player and plays the music. Basic seek and skip functionality is available and it also supports DVD video playback.

Navigation: The unit comes with GPS, and it functions much as you would expect. You plug in an address and it navigates a route there. You can also use Google Maps / Nav, which works but does require a data connection as the maps and routing are not done on the device, but rather online.

Wifi/ 3G data: There is a Wifi/ 3G cable that supports wifi (built-in) or 3G dongle (extra) to support data capabilities. If you have a phone that supports tethering, you can use it as your wifi data source.

Pandora & Google Apps: Because this is a true Android car head unit, it supports Pandora, Spotify and Google Music, and many other popular Google apps from the play store.

Bluetooth Phone & Audio: You can pair the stereo with your bluetooth phone or audio device, once paired you can do the following: Dial out and receive calls hands-free via the Mic. Your phone contacts can be downloaded into the unit.

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Consumer Reviews for Pumpkin Android Car Stereo KD-C0224

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Key Features:

  • Support car models: Universal
  • Steering wheel control function
  • 95 inch LCD HD capacitive touch screen
  • Android 4.4 kitkat OS on your car DVD
  • Free mic
  • Support OBD2
  • Support both 3G and WIFI
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Support 1080p video
  • Support DVR

This car DVD player Bluetooth went into my Yaris without a single problem. I was able to install Waze and tether to my cell phone. Handsfree calling function works great, the stock GPS worked well, nice speed monitoring feature. This Android 4.4 car stereo warns nicely when speed limit is exceeded. I’ve only used it for a week, but it’s been great so far.

——Review by Allen

Absolutely love this head unit. I’ve tried Poweramp, the standard Google music player and free play. Volume works with them all. Everything else works perfectly from the backup camera to the radio reception to tethering to my LG G3.

——Review by type1fan

Great radio, really love it. I’m using it with Shuttle, too. It makes it sound great and you can flip through artists,etc. A shame you can’t control the ( old ) iPod through the radio but I found it a lot more convenient in the end to use an SD card for music anyway, so no harm done.

——Review by Julia

This car stereo is awesome! I kept debating if i want to spend this much, i bought a cheaper 250 dollar one, happened to be that it was the wrong one in the box twice….so finally i ordered this one and WOW am i glade i did even the details are AWESOME. love the graphics and everything. May cost a lot more then i wanted to spend but it was well worth it.

Just trying to get my contacts to pair over via Bluetooth, but since it may be an issue with my phone I will not rate this any lower. Over all I am extremely happy and if your questioning buying this radio, stop and buy it!

——Review by Brian Oleson

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Customer Review of Pumpkin Universal Android 4.2 Car Stereo GS-C0219

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Frist, thanks the reviewer Daniel Farrar from Australia. The product he reviewed is http://www.autopumpkin.com/pure-android-4-2-twin-din-universal-car-dvd-gps-navigation-with-6-2-inch-lcd-hd-capacitive-touch-screen-3g-wifi-bluetooth-support-obd2.html Here are what he said:

The Pumpkin is great. I love it. It is packed full of features and the fact that it is Android is good as it allows so many options regarding applications. Price is good! A high end brand name unit with GPS starts at over $1000 here in Australia and its other features are not as good as the Pumpkin. The Pumpkin unit is heaps better and less than half the price!

There are a few improvements that I would suggest;
1- More detail in the installation instructions…I had to use google a bit to work out what all the plugs and and ports were for. I also emailed your company regarding a couple of questions I had. The wiring diagram that it came with was poor quality and hard to read. 
I did work it all out. It took me about 6 hours to install including the reversing camera.
2-It would be great if the DVBT TV was High Definition.
3-it had a few glitches and crashed a couple of times when I first used it. The sound would also stop and start. I gave it a factory reset using the hardware reset button and it has been perfect ever since.
4-The blue tooth hands free for making phone calls picks up a lot of the background noise (more than my old unit). I have tried an external mic but it didn’t make much difference. Is there any way to adjust the mic sensitivity of the unit so it doesn’t pick up as much background noise? 

Over all I am very happy with the unit and your service. I would give it an 8 out of 10. If the blue tooth phone was a bit clearer and it had HD DVBT instead of SD DVBT I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.

I could do a video review if you like.



If you have any questions about this head unit please feel free to contact us by sales@autopumpkin.com

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