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Basic Knowledge of Car DVD Player

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  • Features: As a replacement for CD player, car DVD playerhas been upgraded with more functions, such as GPS navigation and iPod/iPhone input etc. What’s more, it’s equipped with display screen and Win CE/ Android intelligent OS, which left a large space to expand and add more functions.
  • Specification: The car audio playerwhich equipped with display screen is bigger than the traditional CD player. Currently, the double DIN car DVD player is quite common.
  • Function:With the rapid development of electronic application technology in recent years, the car stereohas become a “integrated platform”. It not only supports Bluetooth, Wi-fi, but supports DVR and hands-free etc.
  • Input:Generally speaking, CD/DVD, FM and DAB is the way to input audio and video. But nowadays, car audio player can read and play various audio, video and document files through USB/AUX/SD card and Bluetooth.
  • Output:Choices for output include audio signal and RCA. To transfer the signal to DSP processor, few stereos would also support optical and coaxial output.
  • Touch screen: More and more in-dash car DVD players are equipped with the HD touch screen. Therefore, the sensitivity and response speed of touch screen are important standards to measure the units’
  • Sound quality:Most Android car head unitis equipped with single DVD pick up head, which don’t perform as well as special CD pick up head. Thus, we’ll recommend users to buy DSP audio processor additionally.
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Review for Pumpkin KD-C0223 Android 4.4 KitKat 6.2 inch Double Din Car DVD Player

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SD card:

Other than that, I put a 64 GB SD card in it with a ton of music and pictures on it and it read it as easy as if it were a 1 GB card. If you place the MP3’s in folders (band/album) then you have the folder name come up on the head unit and you can quickly browse through and find any particular song you want. You can even get it to list all the songs on the card and have it play the whole thing, although I could never listen to everything there while in my car. I believe (not certain yet) that there’s a randomize or shuffle function, but I haven’t had the time to try that yet. They state it will only access a 32 GB card, but I’m getting the full 64GB’s I have in it. Maybe it has something to do with the type of card you’re using? I bought one specifically for cameras and its read/write speeds (very fast) and it accesses the whole thing !

Bluetooth on this is seamless and works like a charm. Set it for the phone and as soon as the unit turns on again… bingo – it automatically connects if you’ve set it up for automatic connection.


The internal mic is clear enough that other people can hear me and I have it set to auto answer incoming calls so I do not have to take my eyes off  the road to get the phone to answer. Safety is the main concern. I value that over screening my calls while driving. The contacts list imported easily and calls made out are fine. I now need to incorporate voice commands to it and then try to find a text to speech app for texting… if that can even be done on this unit.

I easily would recommend this to friends and family without hesitation.

This head unit is a tank. They sent me the KitKat update. I followed the instructions and it went through without a hitch. My buddy just bought a high dollar Pioneer and it can’t do 1/4 of the stuff this one does. Do yourself a favor… if you’re looking for a good android head unit, then you’re in the right place. The people behind it, while a little poor with the english language – not so bad that I can’t understand them – are quick to respond, very helpful and will answer any question you can throw at them. I would not hesitate to buy another head unit from them again.

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The Best Car GPS Navigation For your beloved BMW E39 Series

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If you feel boring when you are driving BMW car in a long journey. If you can’t drive out without a car navigation. You should buy a car navigation system guidance route for you. Navigation is not only a navigation, you can do it still has a lot of functionality. So to follow in the footsteps of I take a look at the other.

Now, recommend to you a in-dash dvd player for BMW E39 series. There are few pure android car radio in the market now. Now we have it. This is the latest pure android 4.2 GPS dvd player. Adding the android OS to a car radio, this pure android opens up a whole world of possibilitis with Android’s capability to customize and expand. On the top of the regular multimedia capabilities of a car radio, you can now download your own favorite apps, play android games that everybody is playing, and surf the internet with high speed 3G/WIFI. The pure android meets every need of kids, the adults, the driver, and the passengers. Finally a car radio that transforms each drive an entertaining experience for everyone in the car.

BMW car dvd player

The BMW E39 GPS DVD has a lot of unexpected features some of them are you. You’ll never have to worry about loosing your way, where’s the next turn, fumbling around with a street directory, this head unit is not only capable of telling you which turn to take next, but also providing detailed mapping of your route via the 7 inch touch screen.

It provides support for vector graphics through open VG1.1 and 3D graphics.

After you connect a 3G dangle, you can use this unit as a Wifi hotspot, then other people can use your hotspot to surf the internet.

For this unit, it can work with most of Bluetooth ELM327 ODB2 dongle in the market, retrieving realtime data and trouble codes from your vehicles computer. You can buy the dongle from us, please search “OBD2 Scanner” it on our store or contact us.

Support 3G WCDMA/ CDMA2000/ TD-SDMA via 3G dongle or via phone as Wifi hotspot.(This product don’t have 3G dongle. If you need 3G dongle, please contact us)

The high resolution color TFT LCD (800*480)display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos, favorite movies and music with the same “real life”rich detail and vibrant colors as high quality prints.

This DVD player is compatible with most DVD, VCD, CD discs in the market.

Built in Bluetooth for hands free calling and music playback. Support DVR function, ipod audio input, RDS Radio DATA System and 1080P video.

Steering wheel remote adaptor ready to take control of you music safely on the move. With this function, you can intently focus straight ahead, which will make the driving safer.

Also support rear camera input, automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car.

So get the best android GPS navigation For your beloved BMW E39 Series from Autopumpkin.com.

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