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How to Use the OBDII Device with Pumpkin Android Car Stereo

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Recently, some guys have inquired the way to use OBDII device with Pumpkin Android car stereo. Therefore, we’re going to give the whole instruction to help you guys out.

Step 1 : Install an app named “Torque” in your Android car stereo.

Here’s the Torque pro from us, please download it.


Step 2 : Plug the OBDII device to your car.

Please make sure that your OBDII scanner is with 4 digital Bluetooth pairing code.


Step 3 : Enter the unit’s Bluetooth application, and set its paring code to the same as the OBDII scanner’s. ( Normally, our OBDII device’s code would be 1234 or 0000.)


Step 4 : Open the Torque app and make some default setting. Please choose the connection way, OBDII MAC address and the correct protocol for your car.




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How to Install the Android Car Stereo by Yourself

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Getting Android car stereo installed professionally will cost you a lot of money, and you’ve likely already spent quite a bit on purchasing the equipment.That’s why installing it yourself might be a good way to go. It’s entirely possible to do it all yourself, as long as you have the proper tools, wiring diagrams, and instructions. Depending on what you’ve purchased, it may also entail a significant time investment.

One very important point to remember: Always disconnect the negative connection on the car’s battery before you do any type of work to avoid shocking yourself or damaging your new equipment.

Installing coaxial speakers is fairly simple. These involve removing the front or rear factory speakers and simply swapping in the new ones while making sure the wiring is correct. Component speakers are a bigger job. Since you’re going to be putting multiple new parts in your car, like tweeters and woofers, this could involve some cutting or drilling into the doors or A-pillars. In some cases, you’ll need to be able to take apart your car door to accomplish this. The job may also involve some soldering. In addition, adding subwoofers to your car almost certainly means cutting holes in the trunk or rear compartment.

If you’re adding a new stereo receiver, that means you’ll need to remove the old one — usually by removing the bolts or even using special tools — then properly connecting the wires to the new head unit. Again, there may be wire cutting and soldering involved here, too. Your dashboard might also need to be modified to accommodate the new stereo if it’s a different size.

As a general rule, amps should be installed at least 3 feet (0.9 meters) from the receiver to prevent interference. The most popular method involves installing them under the seat or in the trunk. You’ll need to wire the amplifier into the car’s electrical system to power it, which can be complicated.

So what could go wrong if you install things incorrectly? A lot of things, actually. The speakers could be out of phase and sound distorted, you could cut the mounting point incorrectly and leave a gaping hole in your car door or you could wire it wrong and short out your electrical system. You run the risk of permanently damaging your car and your new stereo equipment if you do this wrong. In other words, unless you have the right tools, the right instructions, and the right experience, it may be worth the extra cost to have a professional install it.

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The Second Customer Review for Pumpkin 2 Din Universal Car DVD GPS Navigation Pure Android 4.4 kitkat Stereo Head Unit with 6.95 inch LCD HD Capacitive Touch Screen

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In order to help you to understand and identify which one is popular Android Car Stereo, we arrange some customers review for some hot selling product. These product reviews are true and from our customers. Her is one of customer reviews for Pure Android 4.4 kitkat Stereo Head Unit with 6.95 inch LCD HD Capacitive Touch Scree.which gets many postive reviews.

Hope it will be helpful to you. 1

. Support Car models: Universal
. Steering Wheel Control function
. 6.95 inch LCD HD Capacitive Touch Screen
. Android 4.4 kitkat OS on your car DVD
. Free Mic
. Support OBD2 
. Support both 3G and WIFI
. Support Bluetooth
. Support 1080P Video
. Support DVR

Basic Function:

. 6.95 inch LCD HD Capacitive Touch Screen
. 2-DIN in Dash car DVD player
. Built – in GPS Navigation
. Bluetooth for hand free phone call
. 4GB Free Micro SD Card included
. Support subwoofer
. USB, Micro SD and HDD Multi-media
. Compatible with top GPS software
. iPod / iphone audio input
. Steeling Wheel Control function
. AV-in for reverse Camera
. FM / AM RDS Radio Data System
. Language: English/Traditional Chinese/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/Italian/ Russian/Turkish/Norwegian/Simplified Chinese/Japanese
More information is here:http://www.autopumpkin.com/2-din-universal-car-dvd-gps-navigation-pure-android-4-4-stereo-head-unit-with-6-95-inch-lcd-hd-capacitive-touch-screen-3g-wifi-bluetooth-obd2-free-mic.html

Below is one review from JC

“Nice product. good quality and good price. I installed this in my 2013 Jeep Wrangler to replace factory RHB 430N. The Pumpkin unit performs very well and true Android 4.4. is awesome. I have installed many apps from Google Play and had no problems. I would give it 5 stars, but here are my reservations (in order of importance) 1. **IMPORTANT** Security setting (screen lock/pin code/etc.) have been removed or disabled. So anyone who has access to the unit (if it’s stolen) will have my contacts, email, music, etc. There should be an option for screen lock/unlock at power up to prevent this. 2. Documentation is a little weak and no specs for steering wheel control emulation makes getting that work a hassle – trial and error. 3. The radio tuner is a little weak. Local stations that I have no trouble receiving on other radios come and and out. 4. The ‘stock’ launcher is a little limited so I am using Nova Launcher. This works great, but there is no way to turn radio app ‘off’ so once you launch it, it will keep playing in the background unless you kill it. 5. The unit takes a few moments to ‘boot’ so having a sleep mode would be ideal and could not be much of a drain on battery. 6. The stock music app is pretty much useless – no way to search for songs/artists, just scrolling. If you have more than a couple dozen songs stored on SD card, you have to download another player that will let you search. I am using Google Play Music and it’s working great. With just a little more polish on the software side and I’d give it 5 stars. Note: I am using a 64GB micro SD card and it’s working great. Windows users will have to download an SD formatter, but formatting as FAT32 on 64GB allows this unit to see all 64GB. Holds a LOT of my music. ”

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