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Safety related infotainment functions -Lesson 3

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No need to address how important safety is, but some infotainment functions are safety-related which shall be paid extra attention.

Hands-free calling, steering wheel control, rear view camera support.

Hands-free calling allows the driver to pick up a phone call by hitting the answering button from his car stereo, hear and speak through the infotainment system. Bluetooth can make the hands-free calling easily achieved after being paired, things you need to be sure if you want to have this function, both your smartphone and car stereo shall have Bluetooth, neither a speaker nor an embedded microphone in your infotainment system shall be missed.

Driving without music or radio could be tedious, while steering/ driving wheel control makes all the selection and changing work just at your fingertips. There are still different types of signal input of the steering wheel control, be sure it is matched with the infotainment system.

Parking a car is always tricky before the rear camera was invented, since it’s not a pricy device, there is not really a good excuse for not installing one. Of course, you need to be sure that your head unit supports the same type of backup camera as your old ones.

The infotainment system could be really helpful if you successfully unlock the right function. So I’d like to share some small but handy functions next time.    Send article as PDF   

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