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ISO wire

Interpret the colorful lines of the Standard ISO wiring harness on a car stereo

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The general type of car stereos are the most cost-efficient ones, but many people are worried about the connection problem as there are over 10 lines to deal with. This article will show you all the lines’ function and which to connect at the end of two sides.

ISO wiring harness 

ISO wire

If the ISO lines you got weren’t labeled with names, here are their roles:

A side is to connect with the car stereo, B side is to connect with the car.

The yellow line is the memory line to connect with the car power’s anode.

The red line is ACC to connect with car key’s ACC gear.

The black line is to connect with the power’s cathode.

The white line and half-white, half-black line are to connect with the anode and cathode of the left front stereos.

The gray line and dark gray line are to connect with the anode and cathode of the right front stereos.

The green line and dark green line are to connect with the anode and cathode of the left behind stereos.

The purple line and dark purple line are to connect with the anode and cathode of the right behind stereos.

If the ISO lines are labeled, here are their explanations:

REVERSE-IN: control your backup reversing camera, need to be connected with the anode of the reversing light.

ANT: to provide power for automatically elevating radio antenna or power on the signal amplifier of the radio.

AMP-CON: to control the car’s amplifier (if not connected correctly, no sounds will be released)

KEY 1: to control the steering wheel.

KEY 2: to control the steering wheel (most cars only need to connect with either one of these two lines)

ILLUMI: to connect the car head unit’s button light with the car’s instrument light.

BRAKE-IN: to control with the braking and warn you not to watch videos while driving. (most car stereos shut off this function before products leave the factory.)    Send article as PDF   
car stereo accessories

Were the extra car stereo accessories you bought worth?-Lesson 5

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car stereo accessories

Four accessories here to talk: reversing camera, OBDII scanner, Android Auto/CarPlay dongle, DAB+ box.

Aftermarket backup reversing camera is the least accessory that people feel regret after buying, it is also the most wildly purchased head unit accessories. Both wireless backup camera and wired are diversified in the market, few things need to be noticed for user convenience. 1. Night vision and resolution (higher the better). 2. View angle (larger the better). 3. IP rating, the ideal number would be IP 68, number 6 stands for the highest level of dust-proof performance, number 8 stands for the waterproof performance of 1 meter depth at least. 4. Park line marking. If the camera you bought reached higher numbers of the above performance, congrats.

OBDII (on-board diagnostics) scanner has over 50 years of history, no doubt everyone cares about driving safety. Before check on the support system and years and brands of car models, think which type of OBDII reader you are looking, handhold one that can display the real-time data on its screen, or the popular cost-efficient WIFI/ Bluetooth OBDII reader which requires an extra APP to display the data on a car stereo screen. If you pick the last one, please be sure the APP in your car stereo is supported by the OBDII scanner. Bluetooth scanner runs faster and stabler than the WIFI one in most situations.

These two devices are about increasing driving safety, the rest two are about elevating your driving experience.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay won their fame for a new creative technology being applied in our daily life in a really handy way, but little car stereo manufacturers found the right path to link them with the car stereo, and here comes the dongle to play as the media. Two main factors to be alarmed in case the dongle you bought didn’t end up in your garbage can. 1. Check the support operating system it fits in, Android? iOS? And which version exactly. If your car stereo is the classic WinCE system, extra attention cannot be wrong. 2. Check the car model it fits, too many car brands in the market now, no supplier can confidently say their dongles fit any cars. If it fits your car stereo and phone well, then no reason this media will not work well.

38 countries can receive DAB+(Digital audio broadcasting) service with more radio stations, better reception quality, and less unlicensed stations disturb. If you are looking for a car stereo with DAB+ radio, watch out for those “DAB+ optional” and “support DAB+” which means extra DAB+ box required. Some head units have built-in DAB+, such as PUMPKIN VA0402B, AA0447B.    Send article as PDF   
vw raido

Customer Review on Pumpkin Car Radio Android 8.0 for VW Skoda Seat series Double Din 8 Inch Touchscreen

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The blog written by a customer from Greece, he bought this vw radio from Germany store, install it in his own VW.
Blog source –  (Greek), his website:
We just translate the content completely.

Product SKU: AS0374B
Product Link:

USA Store:
DE Store:
UK Store:

The blog translation:


That’s what I do here, I do it in my own car and at my own responsibility, that’s my car!
If you decide something similar and break / ruin / burn / break your car, it is your responsibility!
Clearly, therefore: WE DO NOT RESPOND FOR YOUR LOSS!


The big decision was taken two months ago!
Android screen. And not only! There are agendas and filthy plans from behind! Besides the usability of using the phone via BT and music via BT and USB, it has more: After we also put a Scirocco dial (we searched it!) With a white screen, then … Optical Parking System, Park Assist (yes, to park it himself !!!) and others cheer! A … and reversing camera, of course!

So, in this way:
What we got in principle!

VW radio readyoff
Here we spoiled the … surprise!
from the Chinese Autopumpkin, through the German warehouse, an Android 7.1.4 screen with all the goodies. GPS, BT, USB, etc. without customs clearance, delivery in 18 days … (10 euro postal, delivered by ELTA-Courier).

Pumpkin car radio package
The box in the box. Excellent!

Well protected everything!

vw radio package2

car radio manuals
a manual, instructions (you are fuzzy, but we do not chew!).

vw radio top
From above the screen …

vw radio back
Links from behind.

vw radio cables
Complete wiring harnesses.

vw radio canbusdecoder
Can Bus Decoder, to prevent the battery from emptying. Though … in my case it was not necessary, I think, since I have a very new Can Gateway. However, why not!
An interesting correction, here by my friend Giannis D., which pointed out that the decoder does not only do this, but also converts all the communications between the car and the radio. And what are they? Handling from the buttons on the steering wheel, vehicle information (see Vehicle screen, below and others). And of course, it controls when “the key goes out of the machine” and turns off the device completely so it does not pull current (what I mentioned above as its only function).
So … We’re extinguishing the old RCD 300.

install vw radio tools
Meaning … with … hairstyle, cigarettes, the right tools …
We solve the 2 screws that hold the ashtray at the top …

vw radio topgoing
With a spatula we lift the air …

vw radio top (2)
Leaving airways on their side …

vw radio dexiabida
Take 2 Torx T20 screws and then carefully …

vw radio afairesi1
vw radio plasiogoing3
vw radio plaisioout1
vw radio plaisiooff
Remove the frame SORGELY and do not break any support!

vw radio rcdgone
Removing the RCD300 is simple: We knock out the 2 antennas (AM / FM) and the big connector with the currents. End.
Then we click on the new screen:
Antenna FM (they do not fit in. They want a 5 euro adapter from China, they were running around, I do not hear it!)
GPS Antenna
WIFI antenna (remember, it’s an Android device, just like my cell phone!)
The extension of the USB, which I temporarily pushed to the side of the console, at the passenger’s feet. I will put some “USB” button as I had done in the previous Chinese!

vw radio start
Test if it has power! I will not let it go wrong !!!!

vw radio gps
The GPS and WiFi antennas I put them, GPS behind the car radio, beneath the PLASTIC air ducts, and supported it with a piece of double-sided tape and Wifi had a double-sided tape behind her, the I stuck back there, too, down the airways.
We close everything and move on a few lines. Has time … China and language … Germany. I changed both in Greek, of course!
to see a menu now!

Radio: It has 18 FM memories !!!!!!!

vw radio apps
vw radio apps2
Has 42 apps says loaded!

vw radio btphone
BT phone. It also takes a time-consuming synchronization, seeing contacts, etc … Another time!

vw radio btstream
It also does streaming! And he shows what he’s playing !!!!

vw radio usbcontent
USB envelopes …

vw radio usbplay
Playing from USB

vw radio
My petrol tank has another 12 liters … OIL! I have not put a belt (in the garage!) !!! The battery is out of 11.95! Good…

vw radio carrunning
Revolution counter! Speed! splashes have water! Uh !!!!

vw radio maps
Putting backwards shows this. If we had a reversing camera, it would look behind the lines and see the camera (we ordered, wait!). At the same time, by turning the (electric) steering, it shows us where we will move …
Since it was in the garage, let’s download Google Maps offline, says … We have a good WiFi sign here! We said, android !!!

As long as maps were uploaded, let’s play with the colors! GREEN!!! wow!
And after…

vw radio offline maps
Walk in the neighborhood … as it was close to home all well. I just went to a kiosk and I quit … once I re-lit it, that !!!!!!
Because I am bored to deal with, I will see it … In the finale, if I need GPS I have TWO Garmin !!!!! (He wants a little study of how this is done!).

vw raido ui

In Conclusion from Pumpkin:

Great review! Detailed picture and text description!
Including how to install car radio and function display! Thanks very munch.
Welcome all customer post video review or blog review on Pumpkin car radio, we will show it in our website, including customer’s website.    Send article as PDF