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capacitive touch screen car stereo

A multi-touch capacitive touch screen infotainment saves my life

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The multi-touch capacitive touch screen is used in all the smart phones, we are so used to the convenience it brings, but when it turns into a car stereo system, the convenience is gone!

Luck us, there are some companies who do care about our needs (of course for their own survival). Anyway, with this function all the dragging process becomes fun. Personally, I couldn’t stop myself from organizing APPs into folders, and the scattered pieces of icons just drive me crazy, in this situation, a multiple touch capacitive touch screen really makes the whole work a lot easier.

One more thing hits my nerve in every driving because I need to use the Google map, but I like to zoom in to see the general direction I was about to go. My last car stereo didn’t have the muti-touch function, and my fat finger just always missed the tiny little ‘-’, now I don’t even want to recall those dark memories.

My new car radio is Pumpkin’s Android 8.0, no problem raised yet.    Send article as PDF   
vw raido

Customer Review on Pumpkin Car Radio Android 8.0 for VW Skoda Seat series Double Din 8 Inch Touchscreen

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The blog written by a customer from Greece, he bought this vw radio from Germany store, install it in his own VW.
Blog source –  (Greek), his website:
We just translate the content completely.

Product SKU: AS0374B
Product Link:

USA Store:
DE Store:
UK Store:

The blog translation:


That’s what I do here, I do it in my own car and at my own responsibility, that’s my car!
If you decide something similar and break / ruin / burn / break your car, it is your responsibility!
Clearly, therefore: WE DO NOT RESPOND FOR YOUR LOSS!


The big decision was taken two months ago!
Android screen. And not only! There are agendas and filthy plans from behind! Besides the usability of using the phone via BT and music via BT and USB, it has more: After we also put a Scirocco dial (we searched it!) With a white screen, then … Optical Parking System, Park Assist (yes, to park it himself !!!) and others cheer! A … and reversing camera, of course!

So, in this way:
What we got in principle!

VW radio readyoff
Here we spoiled the … surprise!
from the Chinese Autopumpkin, through the German warehouse, an Android 7.1.4 screen with all the goodies. GPS, BT, USB, etc. without customs clearance, delivery in 18 days … (10 euro postal, delivered by ELTA-Courier).

Pumpkin car radio package
The box in the box. Excellent!

Well protected everything!

vw radio package2

car radio manuals
a manual, instructions (you are fuzzy, but we do not chew!).

vw radio top
From above the screen …

vw radio back
Links from behind.

vw radio cables
Complete wiring harnesses.

vw radio canbusdecoder
Can Bus Decoder, to prevent the battery from emptying. Though … in my case it was not necessary, I think, since I have a very new Can Gateway. However, why not!
An interesting correction, here by my friend Giannis D., which pointed out that the decoder does not only do this, but also converts all the communications between the car and the radio. And what are they? Handling from the buttons on the steering wheel, vehicle information (see Vehicle screen, below and others). And of course, it controls when “the key goes out of the machine” and turns off the device completely so it does not pull current (what I mentioned above as its only function).
So … We’re extinguishing the old RCD 300.

install vw radio tools
Meaning … with … hairstyle, cigarettes, the right tools …
We solve the 2 screws that hold the ashtray at the top …

vw radio topgoing
With a spatula we lift the air …

vw radio top (2)
Leaving airways on their side …

vw radio dexiabida
Take 2 Torx T20 screws and then carefully …

vw radio afairesi1
vw radio plasiogoing3
vw radio plaisioout1
vw radio plaisiooff
Remove the frame SORGELY and do not break any support!

vw radio rcdgone
Removing the RCD300 is simple: We knock out the 2 antennas (AM / FM) and the big connector with the currents. End.
Then we click on the new screen:
Antenna FM (they do not fit in. They want a 5 euro adapter from China, they were running around, I do not hear it!)
GPS Antenna
WIFI antenna (remember, it’s an Android device, just like my cell phone!)
The extension of the USB, which I temporarily pushed to the side of the console, at the passenger’s feet. I will put some “USB” button as I had done in the previous Chinese!

vw radio start
Test if it has power! I will not let it go wrong !!!!

vw radio gps
The GPS and WiFi antennas I put them, GPS behind the car radio, beneath the PLASTIC air ducts, and supported it with a piece of double-sided tape and Wifi had a double-sided tape behind her, the I stuck back there, too, down the airways.
We close everything and move on a few lines. Has time … China and language … Germany. I changed both in Greek, of course!
to see a menu now!

Radio: It has 18 FM memories !!!!!!!

vw radio apps
vw radio apps2
Has 42 apps says loaded!

vw radio btphone
BT phone. It also takes a time-consuming synchronization, seeing contacts, etc … Another time!

vw radio btstream
It also does streaming! And he shows what he’s playing !!!!

vw radio usbcontent
USB envelopes …

vw radio usbplay
Playing from USB

vw radio
My petrol tank has another 12 liters … OIL! I have not put a belt (in the garage!) !!! The battery is out of 11.95! Good…

vw radio carrunning
Revolution counter! Speed! splashes have water! Uh !!!!

vw radio maps
Putting backwards shows this. If we had a reversing camera, it would look behind the lines and see the camera (we ordered, wait!). At the same time, by turning the (electric) steering, it shows us where we will move …
Since it was in the garage, let’s download Google Maps offline, says … We have a good WiFi sign here! We said, android !!!

As long as maps were uploaded, let’s play with the colors! GREEN!!! wow!
And after…

vw radio offline maps
Walk in the neighborhood … as it was close to home all well. I just went to a kiosk and I quit … once I re-lit it, that !!!!!!
Because I am bored to deal with, I will see it … In the finale, if I need GPS I have TWO Garmin !!!!! (He wants a little study of how this is done!).

vw raido ui

In Conclusion from Pumpkin:

Great review! Detailed picture and text description!
Including how to install car radio and function display! Thanks very munch.
Welcome all customer post video review or blog review on Pumpkin car radio, we will show it in our website, including customer’s website.    Send article as PDF   
car rear view mirror

Amazon Customer Review About Car Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 5 Inch IPS Touch Screen 1080P + 720P

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This review from Amazon customer Allan on October 20, 2018

Title: Good Value for the Money

I like the sense of security this system gives me when driving.

I installed it in my 1992 Ford Ranger PIckup Truck with a Camper Shell. For convenience, I placed the rear camera inside the rear glass window of the shell. It remains hidden but gives excellent wide angle visibility that is much superior to a rear view mirror.

1992 Ford Ranger

It was relatively easy to install. You have to be careful to route the two supplied wires under the headliner other trim pieces for it to be hidden. The supplied power cord is meant to plug into a 12 Volt power source that in new cars turns on and off with the ignition. My old truck keeps the power on all the time. So I purchased separately a fuse tap that switches with the ignition

I also bought the proper cord with a mini USB plug to provide the power from the fuse tap

Now the system powers on and off with my ignition.

The user interface is quite easy to operate. In addition to the hard buttons, a row of visible controls appear on the screen when powered on. These are easier for me to operate while driving. They allow turning on or off recording of video and audio as well as taking an immediate photo and locking the current video file in a separate folder where it can’t be erased during loop recording. The setup menu can also be accessed by a touch control. Also, you can select which image to view on the screen. By default it is a picture-in-picture view of the front camera (large) and rear camera (small). Those two can be reversed. Then it can display only the front camera or only the rear camera. I like the rear camera view because I can see if it is safe to change lanes better than just using my mirrors or turning my head. The camera views only stay on for a user defined amount of time. Right now I have them stay on 30 seconds. If off, all you have to do it touch the mirror and they come right back on when needed. The rest of the time I just let it record away.

rear mirror car rear view mirror

While in the Playback mode, all the various folders are accessible for front and rear recordings. These include loop recording, locked files due to impact, files due to motion close to the vehicle when parked. Only front view photos can be accessed in the Playback mode. If you take the TF card to a computer, there is also a photo from the rear camera.

Image quality on a computer is as expected for a 1080P front camera and 720P rear camera. License plate numbers can be easily read from the front. Cars need to be closer at the back to read numbers clearly. But the rest of the image is fine. At night the images are very sharp and appear to be enhanced somewhat. Even in low light when the sun just goes down the images look like daytime.

My only issue is when reversing at night. The backup camera has 4 very bright LEDs that come on when shifting into reverse (you have to hook a red wire to the backup light circuit). The glass on my camper is flat, so the light from the LEDs reflects right back into the image. Once I shift out of reverse and the LEDs go out, the image comes back very good. Since these LEDs are visible and not infrared this is a minor issue for me. I will try and cover the LEDs with a bit of tape to see if that works better for me. Perhaps on a curved rear window, this would not be a problem.

I had a minor issue with my first backup camera. Tiffany at Customer Service was immediately responsive. After some discussions with a Pumpkin Engineer, they sent me a replacement. Now after several weeks everything is fine.

I am very satisfied with the Pumpkin 5″ display rear view mirror and camera system. I think for the typical user it provides excellent recording and thus far is reliable. I am pleased with the system.

dash cam

backup camera

The car rear view mirror been reviewed:    Send article as PDF