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All Car DVDs Players Are Not Equal

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Imagine my surprise when I went looking for a DVD for my car. We were to take our grandkids for an extended road trip and I thought it would help it to a DVD player. The trouble is “monitor”. I saw all these good priced monitors and thought that is real great to get the monitor and the DVD for that price. Then I discovered that they really did mean just the monitor. Not the DVD in a monitor, but a monitor.

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If you want a monitor with DVD you need to look for a monitor that includes the DVD. Otherwise all you get is a “monitor”. So here is some quick information on monitors and what to look for.

The flip down car video monitor is probably the one you are most familiar with. It is mounted to the roof of the car and flipped down when in use. Then is is flipped up out of the way. It is used by the back seat passengers and the monitor usually ranges from 7-12 inches.

The Overhead Car Video Monitors can be attached to the ceiling of the car. Most usually you find them in mini vans, and SUVs because they require some of the head room. It usually fits over the inside light. These can be 7-20 inches in width.

Headrest car video monitors are built into the back of the headrest. You can buy the whole headrest since most of you will not want to cut out a chunk of your present headrest. Keep the old headrests so you can put them back in the car when you trade it in, thus allowing you to keep the head rest for the new car.

Headrest Portable car video monitors are essentially portable DVDs. They can be attached to the back of the headrest and be moved about. These range in size from 5-10 inches. This was my choice because it can be taken out of the vehicle and used in to motel room, the camper, the trailer, a tent…well, you get the idea.

In-dash car video monitors are put in the dash for the entertainment of the front seat passenger. Driver you need to keep your eye on the road. It can be flipped up and down for convenience and space. They are usually less than 7 inches.

The Sun visor car video monitor can be mounted into your visor or you can replace your original sun visor with it. It is usually 5-7 inches in length.

Mirror car video monitors are made to fit over the rear-view mirror. They are great to be used as a rear view camera. It is very small, usually no more than 4 inches.

Now the most important thing to remember is that you need the DVD with these monitors if you wish to play a DVD. So remember that if you do not want to buy a separate DVD you need to look for a monitor that includes a built in the car DVD player. They are out there and can be found easily. Just don’t be fooled into buying a monitor thinking it has a DVD included.

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To Approach the Car DVD Player for Fun

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Are you considering buying a car DVD player for your vehicle? The first thing is you need to figure out where you want to mount it. There are several kinds of the players alternatively. The features of the system are different from each other. If you are trying to choose some function-oriented device, the single din and double din DVD player are on the top of your list, which are installed in the dashboard of the front seat. About the entertainment-oriented ones, the sun visor, flip down, and headrest DVD are under your consideration. The first one is to create some fun for the front seats’, and the second type is usually for big vehicles, like SUVs, trucks, vans, and so on. The last one is spotted in the headrest of the front seats.

In recent years, the car DVD player is becoming more and more popular. It is almost the only entertainment device you can have in the car. If you have unruly kids and passengers in your vehicle, it is the best equipment for them to have some fun. Time will be killed effectively, and you can concentrate to drive. It assembles many features that you may need. For instance, the one which is installed in the dashboard of the front, it often contains the complete features which are entertaining and useful as well. It plays videos in various forms, like discs and memory sticks. The navigation system is also available. A reversing camera helps you park the vehicle. Moreover, the radio won’t be missed. As far as I am concerned, this kind of player is the best one for driver. To passengers, the other players are much more suitable.

Before purchasing a car DVD, do some research and make a list to figure out which one you prefer to match your needs. The price can be different as well. It all depends on the quality and functions. The car entertainment can cost a lot of money, if you are a wise consumer, you don’t want to spend any penny meaningless. Information can be acquired on the internet. Remember to compare different prices of the players. Buying the device can be very simple, because you can go to the online shop and click what you want. In that case, you have to make sure what the retailer is going to deliver to you. About the installation, they want to do it themselves, or opt for the aftermarket professional store. The decision affects the budget, too.

No matter what option you make, the most important thing is that the car DVD player should meet your needs. In additional, the right one is going to be stylish and fashionable. Your taste will impress others. it can be very useful for those families which have kids. And they will be occupied, instead of disturbing the driver. If you are 20170524111240going to travel with your friends, they will also enjoy the equipment. It won’t be boring on the way to the destination.

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The Best Way to Play Music in Your Car

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The current crop of car stereos is as notable for what’s missing as what’s included. Pumpkin’s $370 “affordable” model, the KD-C0224, is typical in having neither CD player nor digital radio, but instead a large touch screen to control your Android cellphone.

The 6.95 inch display in fact is bigger than most phones, and works as a sort of giant remote control, streaming music wirelessly via Bluetooth and letting you adjust the sound on an inbuilt graphic equalizer.

It’s compatible with most Android phones, iPods, memory sticks and the like. The fact that it also sports an analogue radio is almost as an afterthought.

But the KD-C0224 really only scratches the surface. Further up the range, new and emerging models will offer connectivity with Google’s vision of the road ahead, respectively Android Auto. This platform combines communication, traffic information and music into a single unit.

The idea is that you install an app on your phone (only recent models will be supported) and connect it to a compatible car stereo using a standard USB charging cable. The phone then pushes information to the large LCD HD display on the dashboard.

Android Auto will connect to online radio services like TuneIn, and to music libraries such as Spotify, from where you can stream almost any song you can think of – whether stored on one of your other devices or in cloud. Depending which model you choose, you can also call up a conventional, inbuilt sat nav or Google Maps.    Send article as PDF